This page includes information for ATOL holders who have sold Thomas Cook flights or holidays under their own ATOL. If you are a Thomas Cook customer, please check the customer pages for more information.

If you sold Thomas Cook flights or holidays to your customers as agent with no other components, please refer to our Travel agents information.

To enable us to provide these refunds as fast as possible, we have developed a simplified, online refunds form.  This will ultimately reduce the amount of time it will take for customers to get their refund compared to the standard process in this unprecedented situation.

Information for ATOL protected customers on refunds

Once submitted to the CAA, we aim to pay back valid refunds within 60 days.

In the meantime, you must not refund any pipeline money.  We will issue further instructions on what you should do with pipeline money shortly. 

Customers abroad

Due to the scale of the operation and in order to minimise confusion and disruption, the UK Government has asked the Civil Aviation Authority to coordinate the repatriation of Thomas Cook Airlines customers due to return on or before 6 October 2019, to return to the UK on new flights at the end of their holiday, as close to their original departure time as possible. This will be either on CAA-operated flights or by using existing flights with other airlines.

We aim to get customers home as close to the original time as we can and where possible, we will try not cut their holidays short, but their new flight may depart before the time of their original Thomas Cook flight.

If you booked your customer on a flight direct with Thomas Cook, which you sold as part of a package trip under your own ATOL, this was not ATOL protected by Thomas Cook. Nevertheless such customers will be brought home as part of our repatriation programme, providing that they are scheduled to return before 7 October.

If you have sold a Thomas Cook package trip, or a trip which included an ATOL protected flight-only booking with Thomas Cook your customer’s new flight will be arranged at no extra cost to them. If you decide to make your own arrangements to repatriate your customers, please advise the CAA so they can be discounted from the repatriation operation.

Some of Thomas Cook's package bookings include flights with airlines unrelated to the Thomas Cook Group. These flights should be unaffected by Thomas Cook entering into administration, although the other elements of the package will be. You may therefore wish to assist your customers in rebooking the elements that are affected.

For flights on or after 7 October 2019, please see the information below.

Details of new flights for CAA-operated flights

We will post details of your customers’ new flights on this website as soon as possible once they are confirmed if they are on a CAA-operated repatriation flight.

This is an unprecedented operation with a significant daily flight schedule to organise. Consequently, we are asking all passengers to bear with us as we work through this complex situation and to expect significant delays and disruption. We would ask that you contact your impacted customers to provide them with reassurance in the meantime.

If your customer’s flight is not yet listed, please do not worry as the flight schedules will be updated frequently. All customers due to return to the UK on or before 6 October 2019 will have flights organised for them. In the meantime, please advise your customers not to go to the airport until their flight is confirmed. Airport staff and check-in agents will not be able to assist with flight arrangements and need to focus on checking-in passengers for flights which have been confirmed. The most up to date and reliable information will be available on this website.


Details for commercial repatriation passengers

Depending on their location, some passengers will be asked to book onto existing flights with other airlines. These special arrangements have been put in place so that consumers can complete their holiday and return on an alternative airline at no extra cost to them. Customers on these flights are being asked to call the relevant airlines directly to book their seat.

Please note, the repatriation programme is solely focussed on ensuring Thomas Cook customers return to the UK as efficiently as possible. This means that customers will be booked on the most appropriate flight that is closest to their original departure date.

We understand that they may have arranged or paid for extras or upgrades as part of their original booking with Thomas Cook such as a premium seat or particular meal. Unfortunately, as the repatriation programme is focussed on getting them back to the UK as efficiently as possible, we cannot commit to honouring these and they will not be able to claim a refund on this cost.

Passengers with a disability or who require special assistance should make the airline aware of their requirements at the time of booking. This information will not be automatically transferred to their new booking.


If your customer’s new flight home is later than originally planned

If your customer’s new flight is later than their original departure, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are looked after, including the provision of refreshments or overnight accommodation if necessary. If you are unable to provide this, please provide them with immediate advice on how they obtain reimbursement for these expenses from you when they return to the UK.


Bookings made prior to 1 July 2018

If you have sold a Thomas Cook Holiday or Thomas Cook flight as part of a Flight-Plus arrangement under your ATOL and you have a valid agency agreement, you are entitled to make a claim to us for these expenses in line with the limits published on our customers page. We will provide further advice on this shortly.



Once a new flight is confirmed, customers should make a note of their new flight details and travel to the airport arriving at least three hours before their new departure time. This may be longer than normal check-in times but we are advising customers to allow plenty of extra time as all customers will be required to check-in at the airport and receive new boarding passes.

Online check-in will not be available and any existing boarding passes are no longer valid. This means that there may be longer queues to check-in than normal, so please advise your customers to arrive at least three hours before the departure time of their new flight.



If you have transfers arranged for your customer, you will need to ensure that these are rearranged in line with the new flight details. Further information is available for customers who had transfers booked as part of a Thomas Cook package. See our guidance to travel agents for customers abroad on package holidays with Thomas Cook Holidays.


Flying into a different UK airport

In order to run the most efficient flying programme with the aircraft available to the Civil Aviation Authority, we will not be able to fly all passengers back to the original UK airport which they were due to return to. Unfortunately, when arranging flights for so many people this is unavoidable. However, where flying was provided on CAA-managed aircraft, transport will be arranged to transfer passengers back to their original UK airport at no extra cost. Representatives will be there to meet passengers once they have passed through UK arrivals to provide further instruction on onward transport.


What can you do for your customers?

Your customers will be looking to you for advice and reassurance at this time and we are advising all customers who have booked with ATOL holders outside of the Thomas Cook Group to contact you directly if they need advice or assistance.
It would therefore be helpful if you could also reiterate our key messages above and provide your customers with:

  • Dedicated information on your web page;
  • A dedicated telephone number;
  • Direct contact by e-mail, text or telephone.

We understand that this will be an extremely busy time for you as you make arrangements for your customers. Consequently, it would help us to help you and your customers if you could let us know the following information:

  • Number of your customers currently abroad and due to travel back on Thomas Cook Airlines;
  • Number of your customers’ forward bookings involving Thomas Cook Airlines;
  • Details of any dedicated telephone numbers and email addresses being used for your customers affected by the failure;
  • Details of any advice being given to your customers on the failure.

Please e-mail it to the e-mail address that was e-mailed to your ATOL Accountable Person on 23 September 2019.


Customers abroad and due to travel to the UK on or after 7 October 2019

If your customer is due to return to the UK on or after 7 October 2019, you will need to make your own arrangements for them unless you sold the Thomas Cook package or Thomas Cook ATOL-protected flight only as an agent for Thomas Cook. 

For these bookings, we will continue to make arrangements for your customers to return to the UK on scheduled flights.


Customers yet to travel on forward bookings 

As of 23 September 2019, all future bookings and services which were to be provided by Thomas Cook are now cancelled. Some of Thomas Cook’s package bookings include flights with airlines unrelated to the Thomas Cook Group. These flights should be unaffected by Thomas Cook entering into administration, although the other elements of the package will be. Please check with the relevant airline.

All ATOL holders are required to either provide a suitable replacement for components that are no longer available or, if this is not possible, you must provide a full refund for the complete booking.

For full details of the relevant Regulations, please see our website: Compliance and regulation.

Bookings made prior to 1 July 2018

If you sold a Thomas Cook flight or package as part of a Flight-Plus arrangement and you have in place a valid agency agreement, you are entitled to make an ATT Contribution Claim towards the losses you incur in fulfilling your legal obligations to your customers. Further information on this will be published shortly. In the meantime do not refund any pipeline money you are holding until we issue further instructions.


Contact us 

If you need to contact us urgently, please use the contact information that was e-mailed to your ATOL Accountable Person on 23 September 2019. Please do not provide these contact details to your customers – all consumers are being advised to visit this website or contact our call centre.

For all trade enquiries, please contact