Some passengers due to fly from this airport will have a Civil Aviation Authority managed repatriation flight available as close as we can after the original time they were booked to return to the UK.  For other passengers, special arrangements have been put in place for you to complete your holiday and book new flights with other airlines at no cost to you. This will depend on your original flight, so please check against your flight details below to find more details on what you need to do next.

To find information about your new flight back to the UK:

  1. Please find your original flight date below.
  2. If new flight information has been published, click on the date to see information about your new flight.
  3. If new flight information for your date of travel has not yet been published, please check back again later.
Original flight date Flight information
23 September Information for 23 September flights
24 September Information for 24 September flights
25 September Information for 25 September flights
26 September Information for 26 September flights
27 September Information for 27 September flights
28 September  Information for 28 September flights
29 September  Information for 29 September flights
30 September  Information for 30 September flights
01 October  Information for 01 October flights
02 October  Information for 02 October flights
03 October  Information for 03 October flights
04 October  Information for 04 October flights
05 October  Information for 05 October flights
06 October   Information for 06 October flights